Spoken by Chris Lehmann. I agree whole heartedly with Lehmann. Here is a link to the speech where he states this. TED video of Chris Lehmann

I can remember back to my high school days. The teachers who were my favorites and I can still name today: Mrs. Smith, Miss Z, Sr. Nancy, Miss Houston, Miss Haynes they all cared about us as individuals. Sure, they had to teach us the certain content, but they cared about us as well! The best part about this list of teachers is that it does range across different content areas. Sure, two are easy to connect with students: the homeroom teacher and the theatre teacher. Both of these situations have specific time where getting to truly know the students are important. But, besides these, there is a Math, Theology, and English teacher. Of course, these subjects have a certain task that needs to be taught in order to move on to the next idea. So, instead of them just making sure that we knew these subjects, they also did a great job of connecting to us and knowing that many things are happening in our lives.

As a future educator, I want to be one of the teachers that the students can easily talk to. Now, I know this is a slippery slope. The line between teacher and friend can be hard to cross back once you go one way or the other. Yet, the best teachers know how to work both. If my students are having issues with anything outside of school and they feel like they have nobody to talk to about it, I would like them to come to me. Now, of course, it wouldn't end up being a therapy session, because then the counselor would have to be involved. But, just having the students know that they have this outlet and that they are comfortable enough to talk to me about that would be great.

Clearly, if all teachers were to think in this notion that we are teaching the students, not their content area their students will be more engaged for their classes. Sure, they may not always look forward to going to your class, because it is high school and so many things can change a mood one way or another, but hopefully more often than not, they WILL be looking forward to go to your class because of YOU.

I have worked as aides in Dance Studios as well as worked for summer theatre camps. Even from those experiences, I was looking forward to seeing the kids in which I was working with. I looked forward to see what story they would have for me at the beginning of the day, before we had to get down to business. I look forward to having that same feeling with my high school students. Granted cute little 8 years olds compared to the know it all 16 year olds are a bit different, but that's what also makes teaching great!