Scott Westerfeld's Website
This is the author's personal site. There is a different page for 5 of his books. It was last updated in 2008, so if you need newer information, you'll have to go to another site. Interesting FAQ's and Bio info here!

Adventures in Reading: Peeps
This site is a personal blog, but it reviews and discussions books which are usually Science Fiction and Fantasy. This post was in February 2009 and has 3 comments after the post.

Common Sense Media: Peeps
This site is great because it is similar to an layout, but there are reviews from Educators and Parents. It also shows the age appropriate level and has 6 different categories on "what to look out for" with a certain rating. Also has a rating for "the good stuff" of "messages". This is a good site for quick and easy overview of the book. Plenty of reviews to look at!

School Library Journal: Best Books of 2005
Search by author's last name: Westerfeld. See that Peeps is on the list and a small description on the book. Also compare to see other types of books that made the list that year.

Official SFF World Review: Peeps
Positive review from July 2006. Biased from the Science Fiction and Fantasy website. Very nice set of links for Westerfeld's other books, other reviews, and an interview with Westerfeld.

Powell's Books: Peeps
Another site that is very similar to Nice to see the book on a different site, but doesn't have any reviews. For additional reviews, indeed Amazon is the way to go. This is actually a link right to the additional reviews. But, also remember with Amazon, that you need to check all the different Peeps books, because you never know which one someone actually commented/reviewed.

Library Thing: Peeps
This is probably the coolest website that I found in my searching. It is a social networking site to use for books. A great way to talk about and learn more about your favorite books, or to find a new book when it's time to read a new one! There are recommendations which are far more than the ones that just are by the same author. Plenty of reviews and conversations.